Tattoos and Injuries

Transcript: What happens when you get a cut or injury in your tattoo.

What happens when you get a cut or injury in your tattoo.

What is good aftercare for your tattoo regarding cuts, scratches, and other injuries?

I've done tattoos over the years and I've known people who unfortunately get injured over their tattoos. Sometimes they get a cut near their new ink, or they get some kind of infection, (not because of the tattoo, but for other causes) and that might still affect the ink.

Sometimes, a cut may not affect the tattoos, but on other occasions, it might. Some injuries that affect tattoos happen, for example, when somebody falls and suffers very deep burns or deep cuts in the inked area. If that person scraps the top layer of the body, then the tattoo is housed. That will definitely damage the tattoo.

Surgery could be another cause of damages to tattoos. People who have surgery might see their tattoos affected if the scarring would actually change the tattoo’s location. For example, if you had an image that was basically composed of one giant tattoo, and then you get a cut, by the time they sew your skin back together, part of it probably looks displaced.

Different things change a tattoo over time. You can always ask a doctor. The surgeons are obviously going to try to do the best that they can for your skin, but it's not always possible.

We have tattooed people who need cover-ups, who need fix-ups after a cut, scratch, or another skin injury. And there are always ways to fix things up; but, on a skin that has gone through some kind of surgery, it takes roughly about a year before you could start to over. 

How to know if you had the proper aftercare, and if you are ready for a new tattoo after surgery?

The way to know whether the skin is ready for tattooing again after surgery is usually through coloring. It goes from pink to white.

Pink or pinkish skin means that it’s not fully healed. And what happens is that, if you put the needle into that not-fully-healed skin, you could almost cut it again. So, that's why you should wait for at least a year.

It depends on the healing rate of the person. Sometimes it takes less, but a year is typically the time you want to wait so that you can tattoo over where you won't have these negative effects happening afterward. 

if you get injured or if you get scraped on a tattoo, that is what can happen. Most of the time, if the tattoo cut or injury you suffered it’s not deep, the tattoo comes back.

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